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Gana Kuta or “Temperment”

This is just one piece of a larger system used by Vedic Astrologers to determine compatibility between partners. I refer to the Ganas frequently because they're so useful in communication, i.e., understanding where people are coming from. My moon is in Mula, which makes me Rakshasa Gana. The technique used to determine the affinity of two people’s temperaments is known as Gana Kuta. Gana means race and determines a person’s temperament based on the symbolism of three mythological races:
  1. Deva
  2. Manusha
  3. Rakshasa
Devas are conservative, appropriate, traditional (e.g., value marriage), faithful, open, loyal and devoted. They tend to avoid confrontation, color within the lines, and be politically correct. They can be very giving towards relationships and very relationship-oriented. They include the Nakshatras: Aswini, Mrigashira, Punurvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Shravana and Revati. Manushas are practical and can be more innovative and progressive than Devas yet are still somewhat conservative. They include the nakshatras: Bharani, Rohini, Ardra, Purvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Purvaashada, Uttaraashada, Purvabhadrapada and Uttarabhadrapada. Rakshasas are independent, innovative, creative, unconventional, eccentric and capable of breaking attachments and conventions. They're willing to break the rules, live out loud, rock the boat, buck the system, march to the beat of their own drummer and go their own way. In relationships they make it up as they go. They'd rather live authentically than in harmony. They won't necessarily behave the way society expects them to, they do what feels true to them. They will seek truth even if it upsets others. They can shock, horrify, embarrass, or just generally make people feel uncomfortable, but can also be exciting to be around. They include the nakshatras: Krittika, Ashlesha, Magha, Chitra, Vishakha, Jyeshtha, Mula, Dhanishta and Shatabisha. In relationship, the Nakshatra of the moons of the couple are compared: If both the Ganas (races) are the same then 6 points are given. The more people are alike, the less they scare and try to change each other. Woman Deva and the man Manushya = 3 points. Woman Deva and the man Rakshasa = 1 point. Woman Manushya and the man Deva = 5 points. Woman Manushya and the man Rakshasa = 3 points. If the woman is Rakshasa Gana and the man Deva or Manushya Gana then 0 points, pairing up with a man with a Deva or Manushya Nakshatra is considered to bring troubles. According to classical texts, “quarreling will prevail and marriage will be unhappy.” Only a man with his moon in a Rakshasa Nakshatra is considered compatible and is able to fully appreciate (and handle) a woman with her moon in a Rakshasa Nakshatra.
Carl and Ellie probably shared the same gana or temperment.

Carl and Ellie probably shared the same Gana or temperment.

According to the classical texts, a high Gana Kuta score keeps the couple "ever young, happy and increasing in love for one another." When two people share the same temperment, it is easier for them to just "get" each other. They will tend to laugh at the same jokes, enjoy the same TV shows or movies, and agree on how to decorate. Best of all, they will be of comfort to each other in emotional situations and won't try to change each other to being more "appropriate" or to "loosen up." Which race are you? Visit this free chart creator and find your moon sign, specifically your moon nakshatra.