Welcome to Practical Simplicity

How do I manage a more than full-time career, my own home and garden that I adore, a delicious long distance relationship involving weekly travel, hobbies such as blog writing and photography, participating in Rotary, and still make time to plan and take international adventures? In short, constant implementation of new practical and simple systems for managing the day-to-day mundane tasks we all need to do to survive and thrive in this day and age. Everyone's to do list is different. In my opinion the systems I plan to discuss in this topic can benefit anyone active in today's busy world, no matter what it is that keeps you busy. Many involve an investment of time in the beginning to get them set up, but the time saved in return is well worth the effort. Welcome, and I hope the posts that follow help you simplify your life so you can have more precious time for the things you are most passionate about.